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fugitive cia whistleblower edward snowden says you won't says xylem in russia and is ready to stop bombing the u.s. as washington blasts small school providing him a propaganda platform. hunger strike one pool is gone time would jail officials claim inmates have started eating again but president snow is say it's not the end of the protest over indefinite detention that has lasted almost. three bottles and belfast dozens injured as protestant hardliners clash with police trying to block their march from entering a conflict district. and
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welcome to. news life for my name as you've told my story now and i say leaker edward snowden has renewed his requests for asylum in russia as he looks to put an end to his life in limbo at a moscow airport he spent nearly three weeks trended in the transit zone of sheremetyevo and sent nearly two dozen assigning of requests around the world. is following the whistleblowers attempts to escape u.s. prosecution. r.t. you confirm that russia's federal migration committee has yet to receive a formal application for asylum from edward snowden this is despite yesterday's meeting a shadow matter airports with human rights activists and lawyers in which he requested assistance in getting to his final destination which is still believed to be latin america of course bolivia venezuela and nicaragua have all suggested they would take him in but it is proving very very difficult for him to get there not only
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because of america's aggressive pursuit of him which led to the grounding of the bolivian president's plane over european airspace this week but also he doesn't have the valid travel documents to go to remember he's had his passport revoked that's why he's been stuck in transit that's why he's turned to russia for temporary refuge and the suggestion is that lawyers would be king to help him with that application and the suggestion also is that his application when it arrives will be looked upon favorably snowden no says that conditions are acceptable he can get it i think he really. said as far as the requirements for a political refugee human rights activists of lawyers who were there. who were. the were agreeing to he was prosecuted for political reasons rather than on legal grounds well russia has played this by the book from the very start and played this straight laced the suggestion being of course that edward snowden was not under russian jurisdiction because he never crossed the border and never entered russian
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territory and of course not in the nation did apply for asylum in russia around a fortnight ago but later withdrew his application after president vladimir putin said there were certain criteria that needed to be met and that criteria was that he stopped his actions that and i quote harming russia's u.s. partners now russia's stance hasn't shifted the two presidents barack obama and vladimir putin will lead we believe to have a phone conversation on friday the exact topics of what was discussed are known but it's believed that snowden was of course mentioned and i think both nations akane for this not to escalate into a further diplomatic row and i think this is gesture is also that russia and this is becoming a headache that really they could have done without. snowden's meeting with human rights activists at moscow's sheremetyevo airport sparks anger in washington the u.s. criticized russia following it to take place and again demanded he be handed over while she's going to check on hostilities hales. the white house has basically
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accused russia of providing quote a propaganda platform for edward snowden this is washington's reaction to edward snowden's meeting with russian human rights activists at the moscow airport take a listen i would simply say that providing a propaganda platform for mr snowden runs counter to the russian government's previous declarations of russia's neutrality and that they have and that they have no control over his presence in the airport it's also incompatible with russian assurances that they do not want. mr snowden to further damage u.s. interests we know that president obama and president putin discussed edward snowden over the phone we don't know how that conversation went but the obama administration's latest statements can give us an idea the state department has earlier reiterated washington's disappointment over snowden's meeting with human rights activists suggesting that somehow russian authorities could have been should have barred edward snowden from speaking take
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a listen we are disappointed that russian officials and agencies facilitated this meeting today by allowing these activists and representatives into the moscow airports transit zone to meet with mr snowden despite the government's declarations of russian's neutrality with respect to mr snowden sorry you're disappointed that they let someone into their own airport and allow it well that they facilitated this event to force why because this gave a forum going to be should have before there's a for you forfeited his right to freedom of speech as well met miss mr snowden as we've talked about let me just say this because i think it's important he's not a whistleblower he's not human rights activists he's wanted on a series of serious criminal charges brought in these certain eastern district of virginia in the united states i'm sorry but i didn't realize people wanted on charges forfeited their right to speak to free speech it's very interesting how washington now uses the word pop again there. referring to edward snowden's speech
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basically suggesting that somehow russia should deny him free speech the journalist who challenged the state department spokesperson sort of showed how ridiculous that sounds coming from the u.s. it almost sounds like would you please silence that guy we don't like what he's saying one could just imagine what the u.s. reaction would be to a similar call from russia if it were let's say some russian whistleblower who stood up for civil liberties in russia and was asking for asylum in the u.s. not hard to guess what the reaction would be regardless of what russians think about snowden according to the most recent polls fifty five percent of americans do snowden as a whistleblower and only thirty four percent consider him a traitor so the majority of americans do not think what edward snowden is saying is propaganda. so snowden pledged to stop leaking u.s. secrets about god and journalist glenn greenwald has been breaking the news about n.s.a. snooping and has no plans to stop publishing reports on the classified document has
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already received and stephen cohen professor of russian and slavic studies at new york university says the whole situation with snowden's asylum is a tough test for russian and american natives this is a classic case of the testing of leadership both in moscow and washington neither leader the obama nor prudent can be happy about sitting in the moscow airport who didn't invite him to be sure but. for a very political reasons obama needs to show he's tough on snowden. i can't believe that the united states actually wants to put snowden on trial because it was a virtual legal trial all snowden would have the right to subpoena american officials who have knowledge of all this intelligence he's exposed to there would not be so i think there is a vested interest. to find a way to solve this problem so that neither is damaged politically so we'll narrow
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street what kind of leaders they are. four south american nations belonging to america search trading block are recalling the ambassadors from european countries involved in the grounding of we believe in presence playing the euro one foreign minister says talks will be held i would be representative of the member states also have tough words for washington defending their right to offer asylum to edward snowden and human rights activist peter tatchell believes the pressure being put on lots american governments is violating international. what the united states government is doing is seeking to obstruct edward snowden's bid to seek asylum not to get asylum but to seek asylum bullied and managed to threaten other countries around the world to not grant him asylum and to not. so that flights can take him to another country that is a direct attack upon the united nations refugee convention and it is shocking and
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appalling those opposed to a democratic government united states with the collusion of european governments including the government of britain has been conspiring together to not allow mr snowden to make a valid asylum application there is no way that he is a spy he has not contacted any foreign spy agencies he's not divulge any information to foreign governments here simply expose the fact that united states national security agency and britain's spy agency g c h q have been snooping in spying upon millions of innocent private citizens that is not spying charge he is a whistleblower and he deserves asylum and we are closely following the snowden side online as well had to answer that call for an extensive time line on the leaks asylum beds and international reaction on the place.
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now they will ensure a sea of hunger strike prisoners at guantanamo bay have had their first a meal in nearly hoffer year according to u.s. officials but inmates lawyers don't believe the food protest is finished and the military one for move anyone from the hunger strike list and told they eat consistent people several days she's wearing a burka not. ninety nine of the one hundred and two men on strike have eaten a meal within the past twenty four hours according to the death the director of public affairs that get mo samuel house he says that most of the prisoners took part in a meal of lamb to break the first day of fast during the muslim holy period of ramadan which lasts through the month during ramadan observance abstain from food or drink from sunrise to sunset the prisoners who have eaten are still considered
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hunger strikers because the u.s. military requires several days of sustained eating and minimum caloric intake before a prisoner is removed from the list of hunger strikers now u.s. military officials say forty five of the prisoners are still in the forced forced feeding list meaning they can be strapped down and fed a liquid nutrient mix through a nasal gastric tube on monday a u.s. federal judge called the procedure a quote painful humiliating and degrading process that comment was made in a ruling in which she said she had no with already to order a stop of of the force feeding that's been ongoing at guantanamo bay now get moved fishel say out of respect for the prisoners religious believes the forced feedings will only be carried out at night during ramadan now so far what's not clear is if they get mowed detainee's in time to completely abandon their hunger strike or if
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the evening is a temporary reprieve during the holy month of ramadan now some lawyers for the prisoners remain very skeptical of the lead us reports coming from u.s. officials because they say the u.s. military has tried to downplay the hunger strike from the very beginning the very beginning which is dated back more than five months ago now the protest at guantanamo has continued to raise awareness in the u.s. and throughout the world and it has forced u.s. president barack obama to renew his efforts to close the island prison were one hundred sixty six men are still languishing. a strike as a protest against indefinite detention without charge and the treatment they've been receiving and us planning to hand at qana sworn at present and eleven of those present as and expect the hunger strike to continue until those inmates committed for a nice on that go the president has the power to released eighty six men right now
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and we've heard noises that he intends to do so but we've seen no action since that speech and i believe you're still going to have a number of hunger strikers until we see people transferred that's just the bottom line hopefully the military has started to engage the men and is doing positive steps to end the hunger strike again all of us hope that it does and i hope that my clients are eating i don't want them to starve i don't think any lawyer does but at the same time we are waiting for president obama to do what he said he would do and that is to transfer the innocent men eighty six innocent man. this is. coming out for you this sounds a fresh wave of sectarian violence hits the streets of northern ireland clashes break the annual progress parade in belfast despite heavy police presence. and the interim destruction of provocations that israel has carried out and out as strike on syrian territory this time talk seeing a key port expert analysis right out of the show break just
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a. little . speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's
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we'll hear. the two teams in the world talks about six of the c.r.p. interview straight intriguing stories are you. trying. to find out more visit our big. dog called. this is us he will combine a zero carried out and that's the case here in port of the time can last friday according to statements made by three anonymous u.s. officials the three don't blossom educate targeted a russian made on to ship missile battery which see where we seem to guess ago the talk is around eighty kilometers from russia's unable base and syria the rebel free syrian army is sad they had nothing to do with that tug because they don't have that kind of power available the israeli government hasn't confirmed or commented on the show either but have these u.s. claims turned out to be true that was among the forces raided as strike in syria in
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the past six months and coal mines written extensively about the syrian conflict and says israel is trying to help the syrian rebels by losing their war games because. i think the reason they carried out stark is because the rebels are losing i mean foreign terrorists part of mercenaries they're losing the divine call that they get into israel you think giving them a helping hand and. the last exact number in. the military training center in damascus i was very very important because the syrians have had to retrain the soldiers since the start of this war in order to be able to deal with the you know intervention war in used against them also again so i really needed to decide to train services. here's your strategy so i think they're what they're essentially trying to do the rebels are hoping that because of this stage they've
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lost the war and this is part of keeping the q.b. the war going and also provoking. and with the syrian conflict continuing on the ground there's growing dissent among the ranks of the opposition called fighting to oust president assad a senior free syrian army commander was ambushed and killed by al-qaeda linked fighters. say official promised to retaliate after islam is threatened to kill all opposition commanders the syrian faction of the rebels is trying to walk out his differences with foreign radicals fighters who see this war as part of global jihad western and arab nations have agreed to step up support for the opposition but there is real concern and weapons could fall into the hands of extremists free syrian army spokesman says the struggle has been hijacked. there's no guarantee that these weapons. won't be war with you know the judge at the most
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strongly and there's no guarantee that the police and army can contain these weapons i think initially. you know and if america wants to see these weapons they should sit down with. the judge had almost sort of you know call it off and say listen guys we are willing to argue so long as we work out a contract that our guys said he dropped the are going to drop the arms and give them back to the rebels who then supply will give about two hours or just completely drop them and then the syrians themselves are sort of their internal issues are to have a problem with the world right now sitting down and negotiating something with you know the so-called al qaida or just at the last hour because just had the most or are now a leading forefront in the spite against as said they are the ones that you would find that most of the front lines now the ones who have terror up into the heart of forces so i think if you want this to abolish to come to an end and
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a successful one i think that the world should sit down for work at a temporary contract with the rebels including. how to look and work out something where they can oust as said sooner than later. dot com our online team has a whole host of stories for you on our three blue scientists so excited about a new discovery beyond the solar system or even be colored alien planet which is sixty three light heat light his away from us and probably it rains melting glass and such the cosmic wonders on our website. and while you know that visit our in motion page well we're still com the best media sphere on the latest events and today it's a brazilian workers protest which ended in the flames as police line is going to rioters out on to aussie doco right now for that under much more besides. in northern ireland with police officers and m.p.
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were injured in writing after the annual loyalist parade in belfast turned violent trouble at the progress of orange order march attended by thousands fled because the traditional route welsh shortened to stop at ponce through a secretary and flashpoint police had to resort to water cannons to stop the angry mob entering the nationalist neighborhood to have three pull stuff from belfast like this right. right next to. nothing but. what. cried out. oh well. this is the front like all. you can see in the background that have been between the police and the brother who is ready to develop the core of the. rocks the buffaloes being loaded with by the people already being the will to convert that
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boy you've got to be really. sort of bully of the public eye here but. if you look down there you can see the way that they think that beautiful that they knew what was it that the one thing. being pulled around the world it was clear. that tend to be calm and be able to live the way he did it as he did that extremely ugly place in the crowd that we've already seen to number believe the good while the other the protests love it but not the little bit of mediation. all that divide it but that means a strong word for the community leaders might feed and play football for suddenly that's going to be a lot of questions that will be off the boat whether anything could have been done to prevent this kind of thing from happening. at least seventeen people have been killed one child among them in a bus crash outside most that's according to emergency officials but medics report eighteen fatalities imagine the injured to
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a nearby clinic two children are said to be among them three people died in hospital the boss caring for one passengers is believed to have split in two when it was hit by a truck the man behind the well of the truck appears to have a record of dangerous driving the crush is one of the dead this road accidents in russia. i think national news demonstrators both for and against naaman also continue to occupy the streets of egypt's capital cairo the city is bracing itself for more violence as supporters of the ousted president have marched again the country's military leaders they say they are defending democracy against a crew while the army continues its crackdown on muslim brotherhood leaders the whereabouts of morsy is still on. the dust all over iraq's latest suicide blast has risen to thirty eight with another two dozen injured the night time explosion ripped through the cafe in the northern city of
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kirkuk as locals ramadan fast police have shut down all the local cafes the time being saying they are unable to guarantee people security. three civilians have died in a suicide blast near somalia's international airport in mogadishu that tucker decimated his device on the road now really missing the called loyal african union troops it was targeting two soldiers were heard by the country's but to the country's prime minister insists their time will not be unions attempts to stabilize the bleacher. police are investigating and nail bomb attack on a mosque in the u.k. time of tipton the full find a month the incident took place on the same day as the funeral of soldier lee rigby who was murdered in broad daylight by islamic extremists. the mosque happened to be nearly empty and luckily nobody was hurt but people in the area saying that
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they're extremely shaken that they're now going to be looking over their shoulder next time they go to their place of worship now this is happened on the day of the funeral the private funeral of a british soldier drummer lee rigby who was killed in an islamist terror attack in which in may since then there's been a real spike in islamophobia could tax across the. country so tensions are starting on the rise and people speaking outside the mosque saying that they're not feeling very comfortable at all about this now as to who may be responsible for this attack it's much too early to speculate the police haven't said anything yet but there's already speculation on the internet they're saying that this potentially could be a reprisal for the death of drummer lee rigby by perhaps the far right movement we've seen a number of attacks against most mosques in the past months so it's definitely part of a worrying trend now to talk about this further i'm joined by fear as i'm a gal from the charity faith matters now there's
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a very worrying survey that recently came out saying that two thirds of britons believe that there's going to be a clash of the civilizations between white britons and between muslims living in the u.k. do you envisage these sorts of tensions getting worse in the u.k. and i think certainly we're seeing localized areas where there are where there are heightened tensions particularly with mosques are involved i think in general. this theory of a clash of civilizations will take place take root in the united kingdom but a lot of the incidences of coups localized issues of localized tensions particularly with the english defense league comes in and tries to manipulate those tensions we should approach bleach in other areas so really low clouds tensions may take place within the national picture of we're not going to have these kind of issues playing out a much more why delivery system down thank you very much for your comments while the investigation into this incident at the mosque in tipton is still underway is
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being treated as an attempted terrorist attack and already a number of muslims in the area as i said saying that they feel extremely unsafe in the light of the most recent attack. and in couple of minutes on a c prime interest brings us the latest financial intrigue from across the atlantic and on the back with the interest of. many in latin america are furious with the forced grounding of bolivia's president evo morales is playing in austria and even twelve nations in latin america are coming together to discuss the consequences of the event the plane was forced to the ground while flying over the e.u. because it was believed that that sneaky snowden was hiding on board trying to get to asylum in bolivia and beyond some might say that this is no big deal so
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president of some contra since he had a delayed flight for a few hours things happen man got to get that still got all costs right well one is delayed flight is another man's imperial skyjacking you see the countries of latin america have a common history as being on the bad end of brutal western european imperialism and when the president of a former colony could just be abducted at the will of the you would have his plane search it sure makes you feel like you're still under the lash of foreign control doesn't it to any of you think for a moment that any e.u. officials who are so willing to groan morality would dare to do the same thing air force one i don't think so morose clearly was treated like some sort of second class president and despite this insult they didn't even catch oden this is what i call a double fail but that's just my opinion. that
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afternoon and welcome to prime interest i'm perry i'm boring and i'm bob english and let's get serious today's headlines are the road scampering off the so you can ship the ship being the fed elizabeth dube just rode her own pink slip yesterday in a surprising turn of events this is ahead of the expected departure of treatment that bernanke will likely not seek a third term this january all while the media is busy floating larry summers as bernanke replacement but let's not forget he's the guy who helped tank the harvard endowment find ignoring warnings from now on that it was loaded with toxic
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derivatives so let's just put him in charge of the fed's three trillion dollar balance sheets. and speaking of derivatives today was a critical deadline were an exemption to dodd frank was set to expire the likes of j.p. morgan have been able to trade in london and evade u.s. rules we know how that worked out thanks to a certain city of london will but a turf war compromise has been reached between the u.s. and europe so don't worry the seven hundred trillion dollar derivatives juggernaut will continue unabated. and that they're finally be at fannie and freddie wind down and the words congress has been debating here for a while and house republicans are pushing for a bill that would quote virtually remove the government from the housing market except it won't because the replacement would be an insurance scheme is similar to the student the current student loan scheme and there is an additional sticking point according to crass things i knew a shareholder lawsuit against the mortgage giant.


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